What is a capsule wardrobe

The author of the concept “capsule wardrobe” Susie Fox – the owner of a clothing store in London. She believed that 12-13 things are enough for a universal capsule, and there should be no more than 3 capsules – for each season its own capsule.

The capsule closet system was promoted by Donna Karan, the American designer. In 1985, she released a collection called “7 Easy Pieces”. It included 7 basic pieces of clothing: pants, dress, body, cashmere sweater and a few more things. After that, many designers began to create capsule collections of basic items.

It may seem that a capsule wardrobe is boring, simple, and uninspired. It isn’t. Capsules can be with bright things and accessories, with any prints: from polka dots to leopard. The main thing is that things should go together and meet a woman’s everyday closet needs.

A capsule closet is different for each woman: someone needs 15 items in a capsule, someone needs 35, and someone can do with only 10. It depends not only on personal preferences, but also on lifestyle: at work, for a walk with the kids, for a party, to the gym – a separate capsule for each task.

Create a capsule wardrobe

1. Highlight the main areas of life

Capsules for the mom on maternity leave and for the manager in the office will be different. If you spend almost all day at work – the basis of your closet will be classic clothes, suits, dresses. If you spend a lot of time outdoors: comfortable casual clothing, tracksuits, jeans. If you often go to events, you can create a separate capsule for that too: from dresses, skirts and blouses.

2. Figuring out your style
Think about what things you feel comfortable in. Avoid including skirts in your closet if you don’t wear them at all. Don’t follow fashion trends with everything. Compose your capsules mostly of basic things, and one or two things from the “latest fashion trend” will be enough. When they become irrelevant, you can easily replace them.

3. Focus on your body type
To please yourself in every image, it’s important to understand what suits you. A voluminous jacket, for example, will suit the type of figure “rectangle” or “apple”, but “pear” will disappoint with a massive silhouette. Study which models will emphasize the advantages of your figure and make a capsule mainly of them.

4. Decide on a color scheme
Take your time to think about the color scheme for each capsule. For example, choose bright colors for spring, but for winter you can make a capsule of delicate base. To know exactly which colors of your closet you will always look advantageous, you should know your appearance color type. We have already told you how to determine it.

We create models for our magazines according to the capsule closet principle. Each new issue is a separate capsule. We think everything through to the last detail: we collect images for all occasions.