Linen Fabric: An In-Depth Look

It may seem that a capsule closet is boring, simple, and uninspired. It isn't. Capsules can be with bright things and accessories, with any prints: from polka dots to leopard.


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Sewing patterns

Sewing patterns are the first step towards creating the perfect handmade outfit. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or just want to improve your skills, we have patterns for every taste and one degree of complexity. Our patterns are what will allow you to create something really special.

Fabrico offers one of the largest collections of sewing patterns. Browse our range to find the perfect models for your next project. Check out our collection of sewing patterns and embark on a creative journey that will allow you to showcase your unique style in handmade clothes. Start your sewing adventure today and discover the joy of creating beautiful things from scratch.