About me

My name is Tatiana BU, and I’m not just a designer – I’m a passionate creator of fashion. Sewing and designing clothes have been my lifelong love affair, starting from my earliest childhood memories. Back in high school, I vividly recall crafting all of my own garments. It was the perfect way to embrace fashion without breaking the bank.

As time went on, my hobby blossomed into something more. I transitioned from designing for myself to creating stunning children’s clothing, inspired by my own journey into motherhood. In 2017, I proudly launched the brand ‘BUkidz,’ where we specialize in fashion-forward attire for little ones with big attitudes. As the chief designer, I am thrilled to see my business thrive and evolve.

While building my brand in children’s fashion, I carefully assembled a team of talented professionals. Together, we meticulously craft impeccable patterns for producing garments in large quantities. The precision of our patterns is of utmost importance to us.

In 2019, a brilliant idea sparked within me, igniting the birth of a new project. I realized that countless moms dream of dressing their kids in fabulous, vibrant clothes, but sometimes struggle to afford high-end brands. However, they possess a remarkable power – the ability to create clothing for their own children. With their imagination, they can design unique styles and bring their visions to life.

And so, my second project was born – an endeavor dedicated to the development of online sewing patterns. We started by offering patterns for children’s clothing, but soon expanded our repertoire to include patterns for stylish adults as well.

Ladies, join me on this extraordinary journey of creativity and self-expression. Together, let’s unleash our sewing talents, celebrate individuality, and empower each other to bring our fashion dreams to reality. Welcome to a world where our stitches weave stories, and our garments become works of art.

I hope this revised version captures the essence you were aiming for and inspires your target audience of ladies who enjoy sewing clothes. If you have any further adjustments or specific preferences, please let me know!