Florence cottagecore dress sewing tutorial

Fabric recommendations

For sewing a dress we recommend using:

  • Natural fabrics such as cotton, satin, denim, jacquard;
  • Blended fabrics (with the addition of synthetic and artificial fibers): cotton with polyester;
  • Synthetic fabrics: polyester, polyester + elastane.


  • Main fabric;
  • Interfacing – 0,5 m (19,7″);
  • Buttons – 10 pcs.;
  • Threads.

Fabric consumption (m / in)

Size XS S M L XL 2XL
Main fabric
(with fabric width
1.4 m / 55.1")

When buying fabric, keep in mind that the material can shrink, so take with a margin of 5 – 10%.

Dress measurements

Size Placket length Bodice waist
Skirt length
XS 101.2 / 39.8" 69.5 / 27.4" 75.5 / 29.7"
S 101.7 / 40.04" 73.5 / 28.9" 74.3 / 29.2"
M 102 / 40.16" 77.5 / 30.5 74.2 / 29.2"
L 102.4 / 40.3" 81.5 / 32.1" 74.1 / 29.2|
XL 102.7 / 40.4" 85.5 / 33.7" 74 / 29.1"
2XL 103 / 40.5" 89.5 / 35.2" 73.9 / 29.1"


Main fabric

Patterns Number of
Number of
1 Back facing 1 1
2 Front facing 1 2
3 Back strap 1 4
4 Front strap 1 4
5 Pocket piece 1 4
6 Center back 1 1
7 Side back 1 2
8 Side front 1 2
9 Center front 1 2
10 Back skirt 1 1
11 Placket 1 2
12 Front skirt 1 2

Attention! All our patterns already contain 1 cm / 0.39 in seam allowances.

Description of tailoring

Cut out the required details from fabric.

Iron the interfacing to the facing details, 2 plackets and to the place of the pocket opening.

Pin the facing details together with the right sides along the short edge. Stitch. Press the allowances open.

Pin the back center part to the back side parts with the right sides together and stitch. Serge the allowances. Press allowances to the side parts.

Pin the front center part and the front side parts together with the right sides.

Stitch and serge the allowances.

Press allowances to the side parts.

Pin the front and back along the side edge with the right sides together. Stitch. Serge the allowances and press to the back.

Pin front strap detail to the back strap detail right sides together along the short edge ( see * sign, it helps you to connect details correctly). Stitch it. Press seam allowances open.

Pin straps details right sides together and stitch lengthwise both sides. Press seam allowances. Turn straps on the tight side and press once again.

Pin the straps to the front and back along the notches. Sew in place.

Serge the facing’s bottom raw edge. Pin the facing to the garment’s upper hem with the right sides together. Baste if if needed. Stitch it.

Turn the garment to the right side. Topstitch.

Pin the pocket pieces to the front and back skirt’s panels, aligning the notches. Stitch to 0.5 cm (0,2″).

Pin the front and back skirt details together with the right sides. Pin pocket pieces together. Stitch it all together. Serge the allowances. Press.

Pin the bodice and the skirt together with the right sides. Start with side seam, then pin skirt center and bodice center. Gather the skirt. Baste it. Stitch it all together. Serge the allowances.

Serge 1 long edge on the placket. Pin the placket to the Front. Sew in place. Press allowances to the placket.

Serge the skirt hem. Fold the hem. Stitch and press.

Fold the placket inward. Pin it.

Topstitch with 2 parallel stitches. Press.

Pin the sleeve into the open armhole, aligning the notches. The allowances of the sleeve are slightly larger, in order to make a welt seam later. Stitch the sleeve. Press the allowances onto the front and the back.

Mark the place for the buttonholes/buttons. Sew buttonholes. Sew on buttons.

Dress is ready!

Thanks for sewing with us!
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