Choose a dress style by body type

We have already told you how to form a closet according to your color type. Take into account the peculiarities of your figure is also important. Clothing should adorn you and emphasize the advantages. Let’s figure out how to determine your figure type and what styles to choose.

Determining your figure type

To do this, you will need a tape measure.

Hips. Determine their widest part, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Waist. Determine the narrowest part of them, the abdomen must be relaxed.

Breasts. We define the volume according to a usual bra without padding and push-up. Orienting at the most convex point of the chest. Hold the tape parallel to the floor.


This type of figure is often found in female athletes. Wide shoulders, large breasts, wide waist and narrow hips are obvious signs of a triangle. Legs of women triangles are always slender.

With the right closet can balance the silhouette. It is better to refuse draperies and smooth lines. And the clear contour and a straight cut will emphasize your athleticism.

Winning styles:

  • A trapeze coat.
  • Square, V- or U-shaped necklines on dresses, tops or blouses.
  • Pants or jeans with a low cut.
  • Dresses or tops with a bassline (a ruffle below the waist).
  • Wide, thick straps around the hips.
  • Trapeze, flared, pleated or voluminous pockets skirts.

Less suitable models:

  • Long, straight coats, baggy outerwear.
  • Tops or blouses with a wide boat neckline.
  • Bright voluminous sweaters or sweaters.
  • Clothes with patched shoulders.
  • Blouses or jackets with puffed sleeves.
  • Dark straight pants or jeans, leggings.
  • Pencil skirt or ankle-length.


Girls with this type of figure have shapely legs and a puffy cleavage.

Bright makeup, bold neckline and open legs will draw attention away from the voluminous waist.

Winning styles

Trapeze coats, outerwear with A-silhouette (narrow in the chest and widening at the bottom).
Blouses or tops with a V-neck.
Dresses with an A-silhouette or a zipper.
Pants and jeans with pockets.
Clothing with large details (ruffles, patterns, draperies) below the thigh line.
Monochrome clothes with vertical darts.
Less suitable designs.

Highly tight or baggy clothes.
Sleeveless tops and blouses with necklines or straps tied behind the neck.
Turtlenecks and short tops.
Clothing with bright prints, ruffles, decorative elements on shoulders and belly.
Slim pants and jeans without pockets or with a low cut.
Tight skirts, pencil skirts.


This type of figure has roughly equal shoulders, waist, and hips. Most rectangular women tend to be obese.

Girls with this type of figure have a less pronounced waist and sometimes their tummy bulges out. It is easy to hide it with the help of clothing. Dense materials and straight silhouettes will emphasize your advantages.

Winning styles:

  • A fitted outerwear, coats with a belt.
  • Tops with thin straps, jackets with lantern sleeves.
  • Jackets or outerwear with a straight shoulder line.
  • Strapless or tapered dresses.
  • Trapeze, sunny or slit skirts.
  • Tight-fitting pants or jeans with a medium or low cut.
  • Classic straight pants or capri pants.

Less fitted models:

  • Baggy or over-sized models.
  • Clothes that excessively open up the abdominal area.
  • Straight styles of outerwear or dresses.
  • T-shirts, sleeveless or low-cut tops and turtlenecks.

Knowing the peculiarities of your figure, you can choose the most suitable styles and always look stylish and feel confident.